On the June 29, 2018 we will have our 5th Leadership and empowering summit at Kaliko Beach Club where community leaders, church members, pastors and professionals will attend. Each year, we always bring some of our kids with us and it is a fun time for them. It is like a vacation by the ocean. They have access to tennis courts and other places for games. It is a very nice resort about one hour and a half from Port au prince.
We are having classes on Leadership, break out and plenary sessions. Buffet meals 3 times per day with juice and snack available 24 hours. The kids always enjoy, it is like a paradise for everyone. 
We will start on Friday the 29th of June, and conclude the 1st of July with three full days of training, worship,sharing, eating, and playing.

******John's description of the event******

HollywoodCares  was pleased to payfor 11 kids to attend  three days of"Leadership Training."