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Sights Set High!

John Dieubon sees the future…not just for the 29 children he’s responsible for in the Project Papillon orphanage…but for all of the children of Haiti and for the country itself.

The latest project John has undertaken is to create a community youth center, a place where children in the neighborhood can come to learn and to grow, to make friends and receive help.

The community youth center has a music academy where children are learning to play musical instruments and be part of a band; a computer lab where they will have instructors to teach them how to use the computers for homework and other purposes; and meeting and assembly rooms for religious services, workshops, classes, and gatherings of all kinds. John has hired a social worker to help the children as they continue to adjust to life after the earthquake. 

The center will have a cyber café, book store, and copy center that adults can pay to use, with the money going to center expenses; all services to the children are free of charge. 

Rabbi Tuffs applied for, and received, a grant from URJ (Union for Reform Judaism) to buy a generator for the center. The grant award was $12,000, which was used primarily for the generator, with money left over for other necessary items.

Hollywood CARES will continue to raise money and pursue donations of musical instruments and equipment.


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